One thousand houses project of the Erdemoğlu Family was approved


Erdemoğlu Family started working on the project of a thousand houses to be given to citizens affected by the earthquake in Besni district of Adıyaman.

In the Kahramanmaraş-epicentered earthquake that took place on February 6, 2023, Adıyaman was seriously damaged and thousands of citizens lost their lives.

One thousand houses construction project was initiated by the Erdemoğlu Family to be given to earthquake victims who lost their homes during the earthquake. After the project was approved, housing construction work started.

Çağlar Partal, Besni District Governor, who inspected the area where the houses will be built, said, “After the February 6 earthquakes, the construction of a thousand houses, which were undertaken by the Erdemoğlu Family, started. Following the approval of the development plan by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, work started onsite. On behalf of our district, we would like to thank the Erdemoğlu Family, who supported our district in every aspect and pioneered the revival of Besni without expecting anything in return. We also extend our gratitude to our Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mehmet Özhaseki, our Deputy Minister Vedad Gürgen, and our Governor Osman Varol, who produced facilitating solutions in the expropriation and zoning processes of the area."

Taking the floor afterwards, Ali Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Merinos A.Ş., said, “Our only target is to be beneficial to our fellow citizens living in the lands where we were born and raised and to make Besni a more habitable district. We are endeavoring at our best to reduce the negative conditions we experienced, especially after the February 6 earthquake. Erdemoğlu Holding deposited 100 million TL in cash into the AFAD account immediately after the earthquake. Again, 100 thousand square meters of carpets and 150 thousand blankets were delivered to AFAD to be distributed to our citizens. We also tried to help heal the wounds by depositing a total of 100 million TL in cash into the accounts of Erdemoğlu employees in the earthquake area. By organizing with our Besni District Governorate, we continued all the infrastructure works of the container city built in the district of Besni. Finally, as of today, we have started working on a project of one thousand houses to be given to our citizens affected by the earthquake in Besni. There are social areas such as parks, gardens, sports fields, educational buildings, and mosques in that area. In addition, we want Besni to become a more habitable district by providing an important living space to the region. I hope that these endeavors will increase the solidarity in our district and lead to good deeds."

Source of News: İHA

Link to the News: https://tls.tc/JALjB