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Contribution to education from the Erdemoğlu family continues.

The collective unveiling ceremony of the works built by the Erdemoğlu family was held. A collective sod-cutting ceremony was held for the five new works to be built

The collective unveiling ceremony of schools and condolence houses in Adana and Adıyaman, in Adıyaman Besni district, was held by the Erdemoğlu family.

While the construction of lodgement for Ali Erdemoğlu Vocational High School and university lecturers was started in Adıyaman University Mehmet Erdemoğlu Campus, the foundations of Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, Adıyaman Mehmet Erdemoğlu Primary School and Servi Erdemoğlu Kindergarten in Adıyaman Besni district were laid.

While the school was opened to education and training with an unveiling ceremony held in the garden of Ali Erdemoğlu Science High School, Mehmet Erdemoğlu Condolence House, Mehmet Erdemoğlu Bridge, Besni Oyratlı Ali Erdemoğlu Family Health Center and Sasa Mehmet Erdemoğlu Nursery and Child Day Care Center, which were built in Adana Yeşilova neighborhood, were put into service. In addition, while the construction of lodgement for Ali Erdemoğlu Vocational High School and university lecturers was started in Adıyaman University Mehmet Erdemoğlu Campus, the foundations of Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, Adıyaman Mehmet Erdemoğlu Primary School and Servi Erdemoğlu Kindergarten in Adıyaman Besni district were laid.

Various awards were given to the Erdemoğlu family at the ceremonies where the sod-cutting and collective unveiling ceremony was held, which is a first in Turkey. Education started this year at Adıyaman Besni Ali Erdemoğlu Science High School, where the sod-cutting ceremony was held. Ali Erdemoğlu Science High School, which has 24 classrooms, has a conference hall for 150 people, physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, a library and computer rooms. The sod-cutting ceremony was attended by Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Çuhadar, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, Besni District Governor Nazlı Demir, Adıyaman Mayor Süleyman Kılınç, Besni Mayor Eyüp Mehmet Emre, Gaziantep PMs Mahmet Erdoğan, Bayram Yılmazkaya, İrfan Kaplan, Muhittin Taşdoğan, Adıyaman Deputy Mehmet Aydın, Erdemoğlu Holding Chairman of the Board İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Merinos Carpet Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu, Quick Sigorta Chairman of the Board Mahmut Erdemoğlu, Erdemoğlu family members and citizens.

İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding, who made a speech at the opening, stated that they will continue to invest in services to the extent possible in every field that the country needs, especially in education, and said: “We are ready to take the responsibility in every field where there is a need. Our first priority is education. After that, we move forward to the second stage. In addition to education, we will also take responsibility in cultural, artistic and social fields. For this, in the first stage, we want to build an elderly care home where our elderly people can take shelter. After the last wild fires, we will plant Merinos forests in Adana, Adıyaman and Gaziantep. Education will not be the only service among the services we will provide. Among our services, we will open many courses, especially foreign language courses. We also want to build an indoor sports hall with the capacity of five thousand people in our Besni District. We have services that are currently under construction. We will finish these as soon as possible, and we will start to perform the services that we will lay the foundations of today.”

After the opening of Ali Erdemoğlu Science High School, a school visit was made. Following the opening of the school, the sod-cutting ceremony of Ali Erdemoğlu Vocational High School, which will be built in Adıyaman University Mehmet Erdemoğlu Campus, was started. At the same time, the foundations of lodging for university lecturers, Besni Aysel Erdemoğlu Anatolian High School, Adıyaman Mehmet Erdemoğlu Primary School and Servi Erdemoğlu Kindergarten were laid. In his speech, Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Çuhadar congratulated the Erdemoğlu family by pointing out that it was the first time a family held a collective unveiling ceremony, a collective sod-cutting ceremony, and a ceremony where services to be provided were announced collectively.

Dinarsu, which has earned considerable trust in the Turkish carpet industry, continues to grow its investments to become a global brand with its wide range of products. Dinarsu, in addition to being the first manufacturer of tufted carpets stands out with the pioneer of 400 DPI resolution manufacturing capability and quality

Once Again They Have Agreed Upon

Dinarsu and textile technology manufacturer Brueckner, who signed an agreement for the carpet line in 2012, once again have become together to order a new carpet line. Both companies aim to enhance this collaboration.

“We Will Improve Cooperation”

Dinarsu Chairman Ali Erdemoğlu said in his statement: “We aim to transform to the next generations the long-term cooperation of both family owned entrepreneurships.”

 “We Aim To Be One of The Top 5 Manufacturers In The World”

On the other hand Dinarsu General Manager Bahadır Aksoy said in a statement on the line orders “Dinarsu Manufacturing and A.Ș in tufted carpet industry in Turkey, aim to hold a position to be acknowledged amongst the first five manufacturers in the world. It will double our production capacity and increase our current market share. ”

“Brueckner is Not Just a Manufacturer, but a Solution Partner”

Founded in 1984 Textile Dyeing, Printing and Finishing, an agency specializing in the field of textile firm also appointed as Inter Brueckner’s main representative in Turkey. Inter Textile General Manager Mehmet Özcan, in his statement regarding Dinarsu’s carpet coating line order, emphasized that Brueckner was very successful in the field of technical textiles and special applications. They have been manufacturing lines that have been in the market for a long time in Dinarsu facility in Turkey. Dinarsu firm has decided to continue working with Brückner due to its technology and its ongoing satisfaction until now. ” Özcan stated that he commenced environmentally friendly applications while using the latest model manufacturing techniques in his new factory, which putting into operation in Munich near the city of Munich in 2019, and established a technology center in the headquarters near Stuttgart. With the machine lines and technologists working in this technology center, it conducts joint researches with its customers, especially on technical fabrics and functional fabric production. As in our other companies, Brückner is not just a machine manufacturer, but a solution partner. ”

“More Efficient Manufacturing with Less Energy”

Inter Textile General Manager Mehmet Ozcan talked about his reasons on the preference of Turkey, “Drying technology in itself to specific applications thanks to the machine’s high-quality fabrics are more precise and are more stable when using of less energy and manufacturing with more efficiency has named Turkey as the core preference. Our customers, who diverge in other directions due to the low price, return to the Brueckner route again. ”

 “Always to Cooperate With Dependable and Reliable Business Partners”

Özcan pointed out that overall demand of European customers from the Turkish textile industry embedded in high quality goods, small volume manufacturing with variety of products, rapid delivery, and with setting reasonable prices, offering fast service and speed delivery of specialized services. To achieve this end, it is necessary to work with ideal and reliable business partners. As we have just mentioned, the initial investment is only a fraction of the total expenditure. While the right choice continues to have its’ benefits reflected in businesses for years, erroneous results compelling extra spending for years. “

“Manufacturing and Selling Requires More Effort than In The Past”

Inter Textile General Manager Mehmet Özcan, who stated that it requires more amount of investment, manufacturing and selling in comparison to past years since it is more difficult to access comprehensive information on product and more effort should be placed on business activities. The prominent condition to compete in the textile world, buyers are limited in number and manufacturers are multiplied in number, creating an environment to facilitate decisions hitting the achieved targets and said, “Besides being able to produce products with the quality and variety demanded by the market, it is the main factor to supply marketed product at the price levels required by the market. Once your money is spent on your investment, production costs are to be continuous. Concentrating on the criteria with less consumption in machine alternate provides significant cost savings to the business, while providing a sustainable environmental protection. In a Textile Dyeing - Printing - Finishing enterprise, the initial investment amount is between 10-15% of the expenses made during the economic cycle of the enterprise. The main expenditure and savings depend on the main section being stayed on 85%. We also share information on these issues before sales and provide guidance in projects. We describe the contribution of the machine technologies that the companies we work with on these issues.’’

September 25, 2021